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March 2017 Edition 1
School News
Community Center
Sheriff Judd
Voting by the members of the Association of Poinciana Villages was held on
Tuesday, February 14, 2017, at the Tony DePalma Community Building. Polls
were open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
On Wednesday, February 15, 2017, at 8 a.m. the newly-elected of cials
from each village met separately to elect the of cers for their village. The
president elected from each of the 9 villages was automatically seated on the
Master Board. At 9 a.m., those presidents were seated as the Association of
Poinciana’s Board of Directors for 2017. Their rst task was to appoint the
of cers of the Master Board, followed by the appointments for 4 Committees, at
which time the core of the rst meeting of 2017 began.
The meeting highlights consisted of an update on the Vance Harmon Park and
Aquatic Center, presented by Dave Tomek representing the Osceola County
Commissioners. We were excited to hear that all the funding has been raised
to complete Phase II of the project. Phase II consists of updating and enhancing
the sporting elds, including basketball, football, and volleyball, and adding
a dog park for all our four-legged residents. In addition, there will be a new
amphitheater to accommodate a variety of music concerts APV plans to have
here in Poinciana.
Another presenter that we were honored to have speak at the meeting was Ben
Wrubel from the Special Olympics Organization. Ben expressed his excitement
in hopes of working with APV to host some of the Special Olympics events here
in Poinciana. The group is also looking to have a closer place for our special
needs residents to meet, saving them from traveling to Kissimmee or St Cloud.
The Board of Directors asked management to look into the possibility of heating
the community pool, so that it may be utilized all year. Management has
agreed to request some options and estimates to present to the Board at future
The Community Awareness Committee reported that the Council of the Aging
is now holding regular meetings, serving breakfast, and offering a great deal
of information and resources for our Poinciana active adults.
John Kraivec was introduced to the Board as APV’s new LifeStyles Event
Coordinator. John, who started with APV in late January of this year, presented
a very exciting six-month lineup of events he has planned for the residents
of Poinciana. The best way to stay on top of everything that is happening
in Poinciana is to sign up for APV’s email blasts and, of course, reading the
Poinciana Pioneer. You can sign up for the email blasts by lling out the form
that is included in every edition of the Pioneer or by visiting APVcommunity.
The meeting concluded with Mark Maldonado, LCAM General Manager,
reporting on the summary of Association of Poinciana’s nancials, showing a
healthy budget that is running well under budget at this time.
Our Next Board of Directors meeting will be April 11, 2017 9:00AM
2017 BOARD
Of cers of the Master Boards are as follows;
Dottie McStay, President
Felix Gratopp, Vice President
Linda Cantreva, Secretary/Treasurer
Ed Drexel, Assistant Secretary Treasurer
The 2017 Board of Directors is as follows; Representing:
Village I
Edwardo Madrigal
Village II
Felix Gratopp
Village III
Linda Cantreva
Village IV
Tony Iorio
Village V
Amanda Geltz
Village VI
Dan Young
Village VII
Shane Merali
Village VIII
Ed Drexel
Village IX
Dottie McStay
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