June 2016, Edition 1 - page 1

June 2016 Edition 1
Sheriff Judd
School News
Poinciana High
School Program
Preserves the Art
of Woodworking
rwin Inwood has an
undeniable passion for
teaching the ins and outs
of the construction industry
and preserving the art of
Inwood, who has taught at
Poinciana High School for
the last eight years, is the
advisor for the Academy of
Construction Technology. The
program helps students learn
beneficial skills that allow
them to land coveted summer
internships and construction
jobs right out of high school.
The woodshop program
operates as a company, named
Eagle Construction, to give
students real world construction
experience. Students craft everything from picnic tables and wooden swings to
Adirondack chairs and outdoor wooden sheds. The students then sell the items
and the money they receive from sales funds the program. Without these funds,
the course would cease to exist.
Inwood and Eagle Construction generously donated beautifully made wooden
picnic tables to APV. They can be found in the APV Community Pool area, by the
concession stand.
“We do a lot of donations to different organizations. The reason why we
[donate] is because I’m trying to teach the students that it’s not just about the take
– it’s also about the give, too,” Inwood said.
Alexis Pratts, a student who’s participated Inwood’s class for all of her high
school career, has had many opportunities during her time in the woodshop
class. During her junior year, Pratts was named the Florida Vice President for
SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA is a career and technical student organization that serves
more than 320,000 high school and college students.
Pratts, who says the woodshop classroom is like home to her, even got the
chance to speak to members of Congress about continuing federal funding for
career and technical education programs in 2014. Pratts is the current CEO of
Eagle Construction.
The senior said she was interested in woodshop class right from the get-go
because she would be able to work with her hands.
“I’m a DIY kind of person and the class just called out to me when it was time
to pick out electives,” Pratts said. “This class was just a dream come true. It’s a
great feeling when you can create something with your own hands from start to
When asked what motivates him, Inwood asserted that his passion for teaching
is the kids themselves.
“Some teachers come in and when they teach, they look at the clock and can’t
wait to get out. I want the kids to be successful, I want to give them that chance I
don’t think they would otherwise have.”
Pratts graduated in May, but says she’ll always remember Inwood’s class.
“I’m sad to leave. This class was my
home. It definitely builds a future for
If interested in purchasing an item made
by Eagle Construction, contact Mr.
Inwood at 407-729-6845 or at 407-
870-4860. You can also email him at
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