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very Saturday morning, Village 7 resident Gloria Lamont gets on a Lynx
bus at 8:30 a.m. and travels to Vance Harmon Park for Dennis Bruckel’s
free tennis lessons. However, the lessons aren’t for her benefit, they’re for her
13-year-old grandson, Joshua.
“I catch the 8:30 Lynx bus and go to Walmart and just walk around until
10:30 and then walk over to [Vance Harmon Park] for the 11 o’clock class.
When the 11 o’clock class is finished, we walk back to Walmart to catch the
bus and then we go back home.”
Walmart is about a mile from Vance Harmon Park.
In total, it’s about four hours of traveling for the two hours of free tennis
When asked why she makes this journey every Saturday, Lamont said it’s
hard to find activities for children in Village 7, especially something that’s
“Joshua loves tennis, so when I saw this on the paper, I’m like ‘I don’t care,
we’ll sit around for those two hours and wait until the classes.’ He’s been
loving it and I’ve been loving running around the court and getting my
exercise for the day.”
Joshua says tennis is his favorite sport.
“Tennis is calm and isn’t a contact sport. I don’t like being crowded and I like
that it’s nice and needs technique.”
Coach Dennis Bruckel has always liked tennis and it shows.
“It’s a simple sport – you can play anywhere and you only need one other
person to play, not five other people,” he said.
Bruckel, who started teaching Poinciana children how to play tennis in
2010, is passionate about teaching local youth the art of playing tennis. He,
alongside volunteers like Jeanette Harold and Javier Munett, who have been
assisting for years, teach Poinciana children how to play tennis free of charge.
“It’s important for me to teach people about tennis,” Munett said. “I’ve been
volunteering for about three years and I come to class, rain or shine.”
Kevin Lewis chose to volunteer at Bruckel’s tennis lessons for his community
service hours. The 16-year-old has been coming to the classes for about two
years and enjoys spending most of his Saturdays on the court.
“I chose this as my community service because tennis is my favorite sport.
People don’t know the wonder of tennis.”
Lewis assists Bruckel two Saturdays a month.
“I feel like tennis is for me because it’s calm and I find my inner peace. It’s
strategic – I like it.”
Jesiel Romero started playing tennis at 5 years old and has attended Coach
Bruckel’s tennis clinic a handful of times. Romero is a Polk County Tennis
Summer Junior Tournament champion.
His mom, Wallis, says that Jesiel thoroughly enjoys his time at the court and
she enjoys seeing him have fun.
The children practice with a ball machine that was gifted by a generous tennis
family from Solivita, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Connell. Bruckel states that it has been
a great teaching tool for the program.
The classes meet at Vance Harmon Park at 9 a.m. every Saturday during
summer. If you are interested in learning more about the program, visit Coach
Bruckel’s Facebook page by searching Tennis with Dennis.
Todos los sábados por la mañana, residente de la Villa 7 Gloria Lamont se
sube a un autobús de Lynx a las 8:30 a.m. y viaja a Vance Harmon Park para
las clases de tenis gratuitas de Dennis Bruckel. Sin embargo, las lecciones no
son para su beneficio, son para su, nieto, Joshua, que tiene 13 años de edad.
“Viajo en el autobús Lynx 8:30 de la mañana y voy a Walmart y camino
hasta las 10:30 y luego camino hacia el [Parque de Vance Harmon] para la
clase de las 11 de la mañana. Una vez finalizada la clase 11 de la mañana,
caminamos de regreso a Walmart para viajar en la Lynx y luego volvemos a
nuestra casa.”
Walmart está a una milla de Vance Harmon Park.
En total, se trata de cuatro horas de viaje para las dos horas de clases de
tenis gratuitas.
Cuando se le preguntó por qué se hace este viaje todos los sábados, Lamont
dijo que es difícil de encontrar actividades para los niños en la Villa 7,
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