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August 2016 Edition 1
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ear Poinciana Homeowners & Residents,
I am very pleased to report that during the course of the evening of our
exciting ‘Fireworks, Food Trucks & Freedom Concert’ event on July 1st, we had
over 2,000 registered Poinciana residents in attendance. In fact, our overflow
reserve parking space across Marigold Avenue from the APV Community
Campus was filled to capacity the entire evening and the Sheriff’s deputies on
duty were kept very busy directing the heavy flow of traffic surrounding the
event’s festivities. I am extremely proud that the initial rainstorm did not defeat
the spirit of celebration that resides proudly within our community. We were
all rewarded greatly for riding out the storm with an absolutely superb music
concert (courtesy of Blonde Ambition Band) and a spell-binding, spectacular
300 foot high fireworks display over the Poinciana Villages that lasted a full
15 minutes - 4 minutes longer than downtown Disney. Not to mention, that
the delicious cuisines and courteous service of the 10 food trucks was of 5
star quality. All of this was brought to you through the kind assistance of the
Association of Poinciana Villages’ Board of Directors, FirstService Residential
Management (premier sponsor), along with our many local business sponsors
and the contributions of many political dignitaries, such as Florida State
Representative, Mike LaRosa and Osceola County Commissioner, Brandon
Arrington (see Osceola County upcoming event ad further below).
I would like to recognize that this highly-successful event was made possible
due to the arduous efforts of the entire, highly-dedicated FirstService
Residential Associates working for APV at every level: from our front desk
personnel and administrative office employees, who volunteered to assist at
the ‘Fireworks & Freedom Concert’, to our public works people who were very
instrumental in set up and take down, to our compliance, safety, accounting
and human resources staff for their ancillary assistance in the culmination
of this exciting event into a crescendo of success. My hat is off to each and
every single staff member working at APV - please take a well-deserved bow
and accept our enthusiastic applause! Know that your valuable expertise and
extensive skill sets are highly appreciated by both the Lifestyle Programs and
the residents of Poinciana Villages.
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