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Manager’s Report
ear Poinciana Homeowners!
It is my sincere hope that this email finds you and your family happy, healthy
and safe. This month, I wanted to reach out to every homeowner inviting them
to get involved within our wonderful community which we fondly refer to as the
Association of Poinciana Villages. More to the point, I want to share some great
tips on how you may easily contribute your time and expertise to assist your
association in the continuance of its vision of Poinciana Villages becoming the
ultimate example for the rest of Florida of what a truly great community is all
When you purchase a home or unit within a deed-restricted community like the
Association of Poinciana Villages
, your new residence comes complete
with an added bonus – membership in your association. Our particular
association membership is comprised of fellow homeowners and stakeholders
who, like you, want to protect the community’s property values, enhance its
quality of life and make it a desirable place to live, both now and in the future.
I truly believe that this wonderful Association of Poinciana Villages cannot fully
achieve these goals without direct homeowner involvement, and that means
your kind efforts on behalf of your neighbors – after all, how can you have a
say in what happens in your community if you don’t participate?
Every homeowner has the opportunity to have their voice heard at the
Association of Poinciana Villages, and when you volunteer your time to serve
on a committee or as a board member, your voice can lead to action – and that
can continue to turn your community into the place you and your neighbors are
proud to call home.
I believe that with more active and involved homeowners we can have an
even more vibrant association membership and continue to create better living
experiences for residents. I have seen other communities that seemingly have
little or no homeowner participation, which I realize is simply due to the fact
that, although homeowners would like to be involved, they simply don’t know
how. This is why I want to share with you 3 ways in which I feel you can make
a great contribution to our community to bring about more positive changes,
like the ones we’ve been seeing during this recent year.
Below are three effective ways I feel you, as a homeowner, can become more
active in the Association of Poinciana Villages, with each requiring a slightly
varying level of time and commitment. Any of these choices below would be a
great way to make a positive impact on our community.
1. Attend the Annual Meeting.
The easiest way, as a Homeowner, to participate in the Association of Poinciana
Villages is to attend the annual meeting. You’ll learn about association business
and activities from our Board members and association officers, as well as,
you’ll hear from the community association management team, myself included.
In addition, the annual meeting usually coincides with Board elections and
voting – an important way to make your voice heard and help make decisions
that shape our community’s future. And as an added bonus, by attending
the annual meeting, you’ll also have a chance to meet your neighbors and
become more connected to the community at large. If you are unsure of when
board meetings occur, simply reach out to me (my contact information is further
below) and I will be sure that you receive all notices pertaining to any upcoming
Association meetings. To learn more about annual meetings,
2. Join a committee.
Want to become even more involved in your association? Why not join a
committee. Committee members are usually appointed by the Board and play a
key role in advising our diligent Board members and providing recommendations
on important issues concerning our community activity campuses and other
amenities within our community. At the Association of Poinciana Villages, we
have several types of committees to choose from – just email me to receive a
list. This is simply another great way to not only help our association, but also
to work closely with other homeowners who share the same skills, background
and/or interests as yourself. In addition, serving on a association committee
can be an excellent springboard for becoming a future Board member (more
on that below).
articles/qualities-of-an-effective-hoa-committee-member to learn more about
becoming an effective committee member here at our association.
3. Become a Board member.
Want to make the biggest impact here at our association? Become part of its
leadership team. When you volunteer to serve as an Association of Poinciana
Villages Board member, you will be tasked with making many important
decisions and taking direct actions for the greater good of our community, such
as ensuring proper maintenance of its common areas and enhancing its quality
of life. But choosing to stand for election to the APV Board is not a decision to
be made lightly – it requires a serious commitment of time, responsibility and
dedication. In addition, as a APV Board member, you will have a fiduciary duty
to act in the best interests of the association and its members. For an overview
of the five key Board officer roles,
Mark Maldonado
General Manager
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