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October 2016 Edition 1
Fall Ball Sign-Ups
The Ladies Club
Sheriff Judd
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Update - Vance
Harmon Park’s
8.5 Million
e would like to update our dear Association of Poinciana homeowner’s as
to the progress of the Vance Harmon Park Enhancement Project, including
a synopsis of its historical timeline. The Association, its Board of Directors and
its community management firm, FirstService Residential, are proud to bring
you very positive news pertaining to our newly-realized ownership role at the
completion of this vital community endeavor.
FirstService Residential’s role has been highly instrumental in the facilitation of
a strategic partnership between the APV and Osceola County, whereby, the
vision of an Olympic–style swimming pool with a competition diving board
and supporting aquatic amenities at Poinciana’s Vance Harmon Park has been
transformed into reality. The expansive swimming pool will have eight 25-yard
competitive lanes, plus a regulation diving well. Activities created by this new
aquatics facility will include private and group swim lessons, competitive team
water sports, scuba diving instruction and community lifestyle functions, to
include senior/adult aqua aerobics and Tai Chi pool fitness classes.
To bring this vision of Vance Harmon Park’s transformation into a modern
aquatics facility, FirstService Residential Management and the Association
Attorneys have worked tirelessly to negotiate receiving a 5 million Community
Development Block Grant though Osceola County which also has further secured
the expansion of
Valencia College
Campus within
P o i n c i a n a .
C o m m u n i t y
College is an
e x c e p t i o n a l
our community
consider the fact
that it was recently voted the #1 community college in America by the prestigious
Aspen Institute. Why is it important that we receive secure commitments for
our community from quality colleges and vocational institutes? To answer that
question in a nutshell, it has recently been estimated that by the year 2021 there
will be 377,000 new and replacement jobs available in Orange and Osceola
Counties that will require some form of post-secondary education. If we are to
secure the future of our Poinciana children, this new community college campus
is a vital addition that will expand our community’s educational reach to better
prepare them as they mature and enter this dynamic, growing workforce of the
The Association of Poinciana Villages, Inc.
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