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November 2015 Edition 1
School News
Sheriff Judd
Sunrail Coming to Poinciana
Representative Mike La Rosa Sponsors
Farm Share to Help Feed APV
APV and FirstService volunteers showed up early on a Friday morning and
donated their time to help sort and distribute food to community members
of APV. Farm Share, a Florida not-for-profit organization whose mission is
to alleviate hunger by recovering food from farms, wholesalers and other
groups to distribute to families in need, recently distributed food to families in
need in the Association of Poinciana Villages. Approximately 800 financially
stressed families received fruits, vegetables and bread for a healthy diet. State
Representative Mike La Rosa, District 42, sponsored the event and even pitched
in to help with the distribution.
Representative La Rosa and his team have been involved with Farm Share
for three years sponsoring distribution events in Poinciana, Lake Wales and
St. Cloud. Each year they impact more than 2,500 families in need of assistance.
The truck of food brought to October’s distribution event in Poinciana was filled
with enough produce and groceries to feed 1,000 families.
Did you know that half of every crop harvested is thrown away? For example, if
a farmer grows 100,000 pounds of fruits/vegetables, usually about half of them
must be thrown away. This is because if a fruit or vegetable is slightly misshapen,
discolored, too small, too big or blemished in any way, it will not meet the
consumer demand for a “perfect” fruit/vegetable and will therefore be rejected.
To prevent trucks of produce from being rejected, crops are “culled” (hand
sorted) after they are picked. About half goes into the truck on its way to the
store. Though perfectly nutritious and good, the other “inadequate specimens”
are thrown away. Farm Share, using inmate labor and volunteers, re-sorts and
packages the abundance of surplus food and distributes it to individuals, soup
kitchens, homeless shelters, churches and other organizations feeding the hungry
in Florida – free of charge.
Representative La Rosa hosts a variety of other events in his district to help give back to those in need including healthcare
festivals partnering with businesses in the private sector like CVS and Publix, as well as job and career fairs.
Did You Know?
1 in 6 adults in our state are hungry or food insecure.
This represents an astounding 2.5 million adults, or 13% of all people in Florida.
Farm Share provides food to hundreds of non-profit organizations that serve
more than 1 million families each year with 23.4 million pounds of food.
More than 15 million pounds of fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables are
trucked each year to participating community groups throughout Florida.
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