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December 2016 Edition 1
School News
Sheriff Judd
Poinciana Happenings
Did You Know?
he Association of Poinciana Villages is one of the largest HOA’s in the
United States and the largest in Florida. Established in 1972, Poinciana
encompasses 47,000 acres, stretching across Polk and Osceola Counties.
Poinciana has more than 500 miles of roads and has a population of over
50,000. The community prides itself in its diverse cultures and strives to make
this one of the best places to live in the state.
Managing an
HOA of this
magnitude takes
a civic minded
Board of Directors,
with the common
goal of unity
and growth for
the community
and its residents.
Poinciana consists
of nine villages
and board
elections are held
each February. Every village has its own board of five members, and also
selects one of its members to sit on the Master Board. These nine dedicated men
and women who make up the Master Board donate their time as well as their
heart and soul to this community.
In 2013, the Board of Directors voted to have a professional Management
Company take the helm under their direction. After months of diligently sorting
through many proposals, the Board voted to hire FirstService Residential.
The company, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, now manages
the day-to-day operations of APV with Mark Maldonado acting as General
Manager. FirstService Residential recently renewed their contract with APV and
will be managing our community through 2019.
APV has more than 100 employees, many of whom are also residents of
Poinciana. There are four major components of APV; the Administration, Public
Works, Code Enforcement and its newly formed Lifestyles Program. These
departments work in unison to
maintain and improve Poinciana to
make it the best it can be.
For 2017, the Accounting
Director will be working with
a $9 million total budget. The
money will be divided between
the different departments, with the
continued goal of maintaining a
balanced budget. In addition, the
accounting manages 27,000 home
owner accounts.
The Public
employs 60
of APV’s
With a $4
million share
of the budget
in 2017, they
will work
to maintain
drainage and the upkeep of Poinciana’s six public sporting parks and
playgrounds. They will also invest in new equipment and make capital
The Lifestyles Program was introduced to Poinciana in March of 2016. This
exciting program has proven to be a positive addition to Poinciana, with a
goal of bringing the community together as a whole. The department, under
the director of Jazz Cannon, plans amazing celebrations and community
events that promote a sense of unity in Poinciana. The quick and extraordinary
success of the Lifestyles Program convinced the Board of Directors to allot them
a budget of more than $70,000 for 2017.
The Community Awareness Committee is a new committee that was formed and
voted on by the Board of Directors. This committee is spearheaded by Linda
Cantreva, the President of Village 3 and a dedicated member of the Poinciana
community for more than 30 years. The Community Awareness Committee
intends to have monthly meetings so that all residents of Poinciana are informed
of upcoming events and become more involved with the community.
In 2016, APV was excited to expand Poinciana’s activities campus by adding
a community swimming pool, a beautiful community center, and a remodeled
fitness center with an impressive indoor basketball court.
Additionally, the
Board approved
APV’s multi-
million dollar
strategic alliance
with Osceola
County Parks and
Recreation will see
the completion of
the new Poinciana
Villages Aquatic
Center, which
will include a
competition pool, sporting, recreation and dog parks as well as an additional
community center. This complex will be located at the existing Vance Harmon
Park in Poinciana and is expected to open in the spring of 2017. The
Association of Poinciana is proud of its accomplishments in 2016, and excited
for what is planned for 2017, to make Poinciana not only the largest HOA but
the best HOA in the state.
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